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Level Naturals Bath Bombs: Kim Kardashian West's New Obsession

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Bible...These Bombs Are Fabulous!

Via, Kim K has placed the Level Naturals Lavender Chamomile Bath Bombs on her list of product obsessions!

Linking from her site will take you directly to the Amazon listing for the soothing, indulgent 6pk of bath bombs which come in a cute, very gift-friendly, egg-crate style box.

If you want to see what makes Kimmie so obsessed with these lux little pods, head on over to our listing at MYFOOTPRINT.IS. Feel free to use the promo code MFFRIEND when checking out for a 15% discount!

PROMO: Free Activated Charcoal Soap on Orders $50+

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For a limited time, spend $50 at MYFOOTPRINT.IS and receive a FREE activated charcoal w/ peppermint soap bar.

If your like me, you'll be all about this soap for it's multiple purposes! A solid face and body cleanser, this product will simplify your routine and reduce your shower-print!

For more on this soap, visit...



MYFOOTPRINT.IS Featured in Good Housekeeping!

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Extra, Extra!

This morning, the newest issue of Good Housekeeping hit newsstands across the country. On page 120, our site was featured, namely "VisuaLingual Salad Greens Seed Bombs".  The product has been well received so far and we'll be droppin' bombs (the seed-filled kind of course!) throughout the country.

Next month, Good Housekeeping will be featuring our "Food Pun Greeting Cards" which help remove Filipino Women from the sex trafficking industry by providing them with a fair wage and protective environment.

In honor of this generous publicity, we are feeling generous and want to extend a 20% site-wide discount your way! Simply enter coupon code "THEFAM" in the checkout. If free shipping is more your bag, enter coupon code "freeship" on orders of $100+

Cheers to a unique, handmade + dynamic New Year!

rant of the day: what is the most sustainable animal protein?

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 by Getty Images

by Getty Images

Tired of tofu and tempeh but still want to do right by the planet? Bug Out!

By 2050, there are projected to be 9 Billion people on the planet. In order to feed all of those mouths, our main sources of protein (especially in industrialized nations) need to be reevaluated. Many research studies and influential agencies, including the United Nations, are beginning to coin INSECTS the food of the future as they pack a high nutritional content without requiring a large footprint. 

Not ready for the bug-olution? Try to source animal proteins from local, organic farms or markets that offer such options. For seafood, you can consult the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sustainable Seafood Watch (they even have an App for your smartphone which includes a sustainable sushi guide).


happy earth day!

Paul BayComment has a really cool offer for you [and the planet]

take a break from activities geared toward cooling the planet this earth day by cooling your senses with level naturals aromatic shower bombs. spend $20+ now through friday and receive one box of 4 shower bombs free. This is valid for all products on

have your cake and eat it too! aromaflage all new fragrance with insect repelling qualities

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Do you enjoy the natural world yet also enjoy being fabulous? If so, Aromaflage is for you. Aromaflage is a fine fragrance that also repels insects. From the Southeast Asian tropics, Aromaflage combines notes of citrus fruit, warm cedarwood, silken vanilla, & nourishing Vitamin E. Aromaflage is the perfect fragrance holiday travel and stocking stuffers. It is your healthy alternative for living your outdoor chic lifestyle.